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<aside> ⚠️ It is important that you read this document as it explains the terms and conditions that form part of your Agreement with us and govern your access to, and use of, the Backpocket Split Now, Pay Later facility.


1. Your agreement with us

  1. This Agreement is a contract between you (you, your or Organiser) and Pixel Payments Pty Ltd (ABN 142 642 518 143) of Level 2, 1 Breakfast Creek Road, Newstead, 4006, Queensland, Australia (Backpocket, we, our, us) which is the provider of the “Backpocket Split Now Pay Later” facility. For the avoidance of doubt, these terms and conditions apply to you as the Organiser under a Backpocket Purchase only and not to any Payers. At the time a Payer makes a payment in respect of any Backpocket Purchase, they must agree to the separate agreement between us and the Payer.

  2. This Agreement consists of:

    1. these terms and conditions; and
    2. any other document we provide to you (for example, any credit card or debit card payment authority agreement),

    collectively referred to as the Agreement.

  3. You will be taken to have accepted the terms of your Agreement when you pay the First Instalment in accordance with clause 4.1.

  4. By entering into this Agreement, you declare that:

    1. all information you have given in connection with it is accurate and not misleading and you are aware that we are relying on it. This includes the identification information provided by you to us to process your application; and
    2. you do not enter into this Agreement on behalf of any third-party beneficiary.

2. Definitions

In this Agreement capitalised words have the meaning given below:

Account means the account we create in your name so that you can use the Backpocket Split Now, Pay Later product.
AFCA means the Australian Financial Complaints Authority.
Approved Amount means, in respect of each purchase from a Participating Merchant, the relevant Sale Price plus any Shipping Costs.
Backpocket Purchase means each purchase of goods or services from a Participating Merchant financed by Backpocket under this Agreement.
Credit Limit means any credit limit allocated to your Account by Backpocket forming part of this Agreement.
Final Due Date The date by which you must repay any Outstanding Balance as notified to you by us in relation to a particular Backpocket Purchase.
First Instalment has the meaning given to it under clause 4.1.
Nominated Card means the credit or debit card to which you and we agree amounts you owe us under this Agreement are debited including any card you later notify us in substitution for that card. This card must be issued in your name.
Outstanding Balance means, at any time, the aggregate of all amounts owing by you to us including in respect of a Backpocket Purchase and any other amounts due under your Account with us.
Participating Merchant means a merchant that allows you to make a Backpocket Purchase.
Payer means a person nominated by you including in accordance with clause 4.5 in respect of a Backpocket Purchase who may make one or more repayments (other than the First Instalment) on your behalf.
Payment Link means the link made available to you to be shared to a Payer to enable the Payer to make a payment towards a Backpocket Purchase made by you.
Sale Price means the purchase price (including all applicable taxes) of the items or services supplied to you under a purchase from a Participating Merchant.
Shipping Costs means any fees, costs or expenses charged by a Participating Merchant to you for the delivery of items to a location in Australia, in respect of a purchase from that Participating Merchant.

3. Your Backpocket purchase

3.1 Customer registration with Backpocket